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Opens August 12th

For the Plasma begins in a remote house on the coast of Maine, where a young woman named Helen has found work as a forest-fire lookout responsible for monitoring the nearby woodland. While analyzing CCTV footage of the surrounding forest, she discovers she can reconfigure her perception to predict shifts in global financial markets. But when her inquisitive and demanding friend Charlie arrives at the house, Helen finds herself challenged and unsettled by her new colleague, and the two girls’ relationship begins to unravel. From this cryptic premise grows a lo-fi mind-bender of intimate scale and startling relevance that flirts with sci-fi and horror conventions, even as it subverts them. To the strains of an electronic score, For the Plasma juxtaposes pastoral imagery with surveillance technology, every shade and shadow captured in gorgeous 16mm.

Featuring: Anabelle LeMieux, Rosalie Lowe, Tom Lloyd, James Mark Han and Ryohei Hoshi

Directors – Bingham Bryant & Kyle Molzan
Writer – Bingham Bryant
Producer – Bingham Bryant
Cinematographer – Christopher Messina
Composer – Keiichi Suzuki
Executive Producers – Tyler Brodie, Jake Perlin, Andrew Adair, Kate West

Festivals: BAMcinemaFest, Entrevues Belfort, Unknown Pleasures, San Francisco IndieFest, Nashville Film Festival, IndieLisboa, Jeonju IFF, Maryland Film Festival, Chicago Underground

"By any standard, remarkable. Delivers a dry New England strain of crazy."
– Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Beguiling. Unclassifiable... A modest project of big ideas: about solitude, collaboration, conspiracy, magical thinking.”
– Melissa Anderson, Artforum