Blue Gold: American Jeans

Starts April 7th

Blue Gold: American Jeans


Directed by Christian D. Bruun.

Written by Bruun, John Marks and Louis Spiegler.

Produced by Bruun, Theis Jensen, Mark Romeo. From Gravitas Ventures.

Featuring Edward Burns, Brooke Shields, Tommy Hilfiger, Eric Schrader, Judy Collins, Adriano Goldschmied. BLUE GOLD is a feature documentary weaving together the story of how one unlikely garment ended up connecting us all.

Starting our journey in the American West we travel around the world with jeans hunter Eric Schrader. An ambassador of Americana, Eric is trading in the history, myth, and intrinsic values that have made blue jeans the most expensive and fetishised piece of vintage clothing on the planet. From fashion history and subculture aspiration, to the lost tradition of American manufacturing, Blue Gold explores Americana in our globalized world, where cultural exchange and greater transparency demand social responsibility and inspire innovation. 


Screens At


1625 N. Las Palmas Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90028