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Arena Cinelounge is proud to support independent filmmakers in their quest to achieve recognition for their valuable contributions to our film culture. For a reasonable fee, we can assist you in ensuring that your feature film gets an engagement in Los Angeles.



1625 N. Las Palmas Ave. Hollywood, Ca. 90028


1526 14th St. Santa Monica, Ca. 90404

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Arena Cinelounge Hollywood is rich in LA cinema history, previously known as Egyptian 2 & 3 located right next door to The Egyptian Theatre. 92 seat cinema digital 5.1 surround sound presentation. Outdoor courtyard for opening night receptions, red carpets. Surrounded by great restaurants such as Musso and Frank's, and some of the most popular nightclubs in all of the city.

Arena Cinelounge Santa Monica caters to private cinema on-demand, invitation only word of mouth screenings and special events, previously known as Santa Monica Screening.  21 seat digital 5.1 surround sound presentation.  Intimate outdoor area on porch for socializing and networking, pre or post receptions. Multiple generations can use the screening room to come together through one of the original methods of storytelling.  The Santa Monica screening room is a great place to review work, as well as engage with like-minded film enthusiasts and colleagues.

Independent Filmmakers

Share your project with friends, family, cast and crew or showcase your film for prospective distributors. With our dedication to independent filmmakers, we can complement your private screening. Our venues are prime central locations for your engagements.

Premieres and Special Events

"We hosted the L.A. Premiere for the feature film VAMP U at Arena Cinema and had an excellent experience.  The staff was professional and helpful, and the evening was a great success!"Level 33                                                                                                    



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